The following images are of a series commissioned by Umami Burger.

KIKUNAE IKEDA. 2013 (40"x41")

UMAMI BURGER LOGO. 2013 (31"x28")

UMAMI. 2013 (49"x23")
Kikunae Ikeda was the chemist who discovered the term Umami. A loanword from the Japanese (うま味), umami can be translated "pleasant savory taste". This particular writing was chosen by Professor Kikunae Ikeda from umai (うまい) "delicious" and mi (味) "taste". The kanji 旨味 are used for a more general meaning to describe a food as delicious.

The Japanese calligraphy was written by my mother, who was a Shuji Japanese calligraphy teacher, and was printed onto pages of a vintage Japanese science book.

Watercolor, Wasabi powder and umami spicy sauce was added for color.


REPUBLIC OF DREAMS. 2013 (47"x108")

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. 2013 (31"x72")

A relatively unknown fact about the arch in Washington Square Park is that it was fabricated by a Japanese sculptor in 1889.

The pages are from a book about the history of Greenwich Village from the 1890's to 1960's.

Bohemian Rhapsody is an homage to the writers and artists from Greenwich Village who were at the center of America's bohemian culture.


Top Row: Edna St. Vincent Millay, Marcel Duchamp's studio, Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan, Claes Oldenburg poster, Samuel Roth mug shot.

Bottom Row: Joe Gould, Jackson Pollack, Arshile Gorky.